Fit@Merck and Prevention Courses

All those interested in sports are in the right place here. Because if you like to do something for your health, pay attention to your fitness and like to go to the gym, here you will find information on how you can get a subsidy.

We have a joint program with Merck KGaA called Fit@Merck. All Merck employees can receive a subsidy of 195 € per time year. This requires membership in a fitness studio that participates in Fit@Merck as well as regular training. What do we mean by regular? 30 training units in one year.

Would you like to attend a prevention course outside your studio membership? Then you can attend a prevention course. The basic prerequisite is that the course instructor is registered at the central testing laboratory for prevention and that you take part in it regularly.

In addition, we maintain many discount promotions with gyms in the area.

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Who can use Fit@Merck?

All Merck employees (including all subsidiaries). The prerequisite is a current employment relationship that is not limited to less than twelve months.

How can I participate in Fit@Merck?

There are two ways to participate:

1 Participation in prevention courses

You can choose a course in the gym, you can find the gyms here:

Transfer the total cost of the course to the gym and we will refund you 65 € per course.

2 You choose a gym as part of Fit@Merck and sign a contract with them

After one year (this is always individual) - you can submit all the required documents to us and we will refund your subsidy.

I can't find my gym on the list, what can I do?

Here you will find the link for the framework contract

You are welcome to submit this printout to your gym. If they want to participate in the contract, you can send it back to us signed. They will then also be added to the list.

How do I get my grant?

We need the following documents in order to be able to pay you a subsidy:

  1. proof of participation in 30 training sessions (signed proof of participation or printout of the studio with list of data and official stamp of the health partner). The 30 units must be completed within 12 months.
  2. a copy of the current membership contract (half-year contracts are subsidised with half 97,50 € for 15 training units).
  3. proof of payment (copy of account statement last transfer to health partner / online printout also possible)
  4. If you are not insured with Merck BKK, please send the current bank details with IBAN + BIC - otherwise a bank transfer is not possible.

Send all documents by in-house mail: Merck BKK, Ms. Worms, F130/333

Important: All documents can only be submitted after the 12 month training period - not earlier! The submission deadline is a maximum of 6 months.

If I want to do additional preventive sports, what do I have to consider?

You are welcome to take part in a prevention course. What exactly is a prevention course? It should prevent and that is why the course instructors have to be certified accordingly.

You can find courses near you here

What costs will I have to pay?

Course fees can vary greatly. But the fact is, if you have attended a course regularly (at least 80%) we will refund 85% of the costs up to max. 100 €.

How do I get my grant reimbursed by Merck BKK?

At the end of your course you will receive a confirmation of participation. Please submit it to us, we will refund our share to your account.

How often can I attend a prevention course?

You can take a prevention course 2 times a year and get a refund of up to 200 €.

Do I have other advantages?

We have with some regional gyms discount promotions.

Here you can find the discounts

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