Supplementary Insurance

AXA Supplementary Insurance

In the case of illness, everyone wants to be well cared for. With Merck BKK you have good protection, but many people take out private supplementary insurance in addition to the statutory health insurance. These are intended to supplement the benefits of the statutory health insurance in the case of an emergency. All statutory health insurance benefits are regulated in the German Social Code. If you want to be insured beyond these benefits, you should take out supplementary insurance.

The choice of a supplementary insurance is not only about the right tariff. Before that, you have to ask whether the protection is necessary. Merck BKK offers you the MED tariff as a supplementary insurance via AXA Supplementary Insurance. The contract is concluded via Albatros Insurance Mediation. This tariff is subsidized by Merck KGaA with 75% for all Merck employees.

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When an additional insurance is required? How to find more information on the additional insurances?

An additional or supplementary insurance is necessary when the benefits required by you are not covered or excluded in the statutory health insurance. You can decide which supplementary insurance makes sense for you.

Please contact The Albatros Mediation for the consultation

Location: Merck BKK - F130, Frankfurter Str. 250, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany

Contact no.: 06151 72 5599

What are the different supplementary insurances available?

The information on different supplementary insurances can be found in the below link or you can also contact Albatros mediation via below contact no.

Contact no.: 06151 72 5599

Which supplementary insurance can I take from Merck BKK to supplement my contract?

Merck BKK offers you the tariff MED via the Albatros insurance.

This includes the following services:

  • 80% of the costs for treatment by a non-medical practitioner and by doctors with the additional title "naturopathic treatment", including prescribed medication and bandages *
  • 80% of the legally prescribed co-payments for medically prescribed drugs and dressings if Merck BKK assumes part of the costs *
  • 80% of the reimbursable costs for medically prescribed drugs and dressings, if Merck BKK does not assume any costs*.
  • 80% for glasses and contact lenses, but not more than 130 € within two consecutive insurance years.
  • 100 % of the costs not covered by Merck BKK that are incurred due to illnesses during trips abroad of up to six weeks

*AXA reimburses up to 500 € per insurance year for the first three benefits mentioned above.

How much should one pay to avail the supplementary insurance?

The monthly fee depends on your age. Thus, one pays 6.02 € from the age of 20 and 10.95 € from the age of 65. Further information is available on the flyer and can be found in the below link

What are the benefits for the Merck KgaA employees on availing this insurance?

All employees of Merck KGaA receive 75% subsidy for the MED (MED full form) tariff. The subsidy also applies to the family members insured with Merck BKK. For more details please contact Albatros Medical Insurance or check in their website

How can I pay the Monthly fee?

The monthly Fee is deducted directly from your gross salary. In this way, the subsidy can be guaranteed by Merck KGaA.

Can I upgrade this Tariff?

The tariff can be upgraded with supplementary dental insurance. As there are several options available, Albatros will be pleased to advice you.

DENT Dental Plan

With the private supplementary insurance from AXA you secure double the subsidy towards dental prostheses. You can supplement this cover by opting for the Inlay and Smile modules, which provide valuable additional benefits.

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Double the fixed subsidy for dental prostheses.
  • No medical examination required.
  • Immediate insurance cover without qualifying periods.
  • Flexible extension of cover provided by the DENT Inlay and DENT Smile options