We subsidize your gym membership

Fit@Merck is a fitness program from Merck for its employees. The aim is to provide as many employees as possible an uncomplicated and cost-effective way of staying physically fit and healthy.

There are two ways to participate

  1. Attending fitness classes
    (we reimburse you with a proportion of the cost of the class)
  2. Ordinary exercising at a gym
    (we subsidize part of your membership fee as a preventative measure)

View the participating fitness studios and health providers click here

Forms for participation in the program Fit@Merck:

Who can take part in Fit@Merck?

All Merck employees in Germany (including all subsidiaries) can take part in this program. A precondition is that employees are currently in an employment relationship with Merck that is not limited to less than 12 months. You are not required to be a member of the Merck BKK or the fitness center offering the course. 

Participating gyms and fitness centers

Where can I take part in Fit@Merck?

You can work out at any of the gyms and fitness centers listed under the “health partner” link. Other health partners can also accede to this agreement at a later date and will then be included in the database. To do this, they are required to present a signed copy of the framework agreement.

My gym is not yet included on the list. What do I do now?

If you would like to use a gym near where you live, but your preferred health partner is not yet included on the list, essentially it is not a problem! Every gym and rehabilitation center can offer Fit@Merck, provided it fulfills and accepts the conditions of the framework agreement. Once the framework agreement has been signed, the health partner will be incorporated into the list. 

How can I take part in Fit@Merck?

There are two ways to participate, either by going to a fitness class or receiving a subsidy for a gym membership (over a whole year).

  1. Fitness classes
    You can take part in a range of prevention courses offered by the participating health partners. Ask directly at the relevant gym or fitness center to find out which courses are offered.
    You may take part in a total of three courses (each consisting of ten sessions) every year.
    The ten sessions of the course must be completed within a period of six months. 
  2. Subsidized prevention measures within a membership
    If three courses are not enough for you, you can become a member and will be refunded part of the annual membership fee. Merck pays up to € 195 for a full year. To be eligible for this subsidy, employees must complete a minimum of 30 sessions (the supporting documents must be provided at the latest 6 months after the end of the period of training/year. The claim for this period of time is thereafter invalid. Example: 30 sessions from May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016; the supporting documents must then be submitted by October 30, 2016. The year begins on the day of the first documented session (not the first day of the calendar year or the first day of membership!)

How do I register?

The database contains all of the rehabilitation centers and gyms at which you can work out. Extra costs that may be required to be paid by the participant are also listed here. 

Registration is very easy! Choose one of the participating health partners and register for one of the courses there. You will be given an attendance form by the health partner.
Would you prefer to be able to work out as much as you like? In this case take out a membership with the gym of your choice. Here, the health partner must also accept the framework agreement in writing.


What costs will I face?

  • Course costs: The course costs will be paid for by Merck. However, at most gyms, participants will also have to pay a share of the cost (see homepage). 
  • Subsidized prevention measures within a membership: Gym memberships are subsidized by up to € 195 a year, if the health partner can prove that the participant has completed 30 sessions (certification from the gym is required). The year begins on the day of the first documented training session as shown on the attendance form.

How do I receive my subsidy?

We require the following documents to be able to pay out a subsidy:

  1. Attendance record containing 30 sessions (signed attendance record or print-out from gym listing the dates of sessions and containing an official stamp of the health partner).
  2. A copy of the valid, on-going membership contract (six-month contracts are subsidized by € 97.50 on completion of 15 sessions).
  3. Proof of payment (copy of account statement of the last transfer to the health partner or online print-out also permitted.
  4. Non-Merck BKK policyholders must include their current bank account details IBAN + BIC, otherwise a transfer is not possible.
  5. All documents can be submitted as of the first day after the end of your respective year of training, but no later than six months after.

Please send all documents by internal post to Merck BKK, Ms. Worms, F130/333

When do I have to submit the attendance record by?

  • You can apply for the membership subsidy as of the first day after the end of your respective year of training until a maximum of six months later (Example: Individual training period May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016. Documents may be submitted between May 1 and October 30, 2016)
  • The attendance record and a copy of the membership contract are to be submitted, as well as proof of payment of the last transfer, to Bianca Worms, HPC: F130, 011.

Why Fit@Merck?

In order to be an attractive employer, it has long been important to Merck to provide attractive offers for its employees. 

An important element of this is the Fit@Merck program, which aims to promote the health of employees and improve their quality of life.

And if I still have questions?

If you require further information, Bianca Worms (06151 72 6838) und Tom Müller (06151 72 9338) will be happy to help you, and also advise health partners interested in joining the program.